Our story begins in 2016. Colorado Hemp Solutions was founded in 2016, by a farming and ranching entrepreneur. Born out of the perfect combination of core competencies in agriculture and an innate desire to help people and animals. Industrial hemp, grown specifically for cannabinoid extraction, was brought into Western Colorado in 2016 on a very small scale. During the same year, Founder Wacey Clarke saw the tide coming in due to the undeniable value of the industrial hemp plant. Fate was on his side in the winter of 2016. Tanner Willis, a forward-thinking veteran of the cannabis industry, collaborated with Wacey. Together they were able to form an industrial hemp operation. Immediately, the infancy of the industry and what it lacked spurred CHS onto become a self-sufficient and also a cutting edge leader. During the formation of CHS, there have been countless contributors and supporters along the way. They continue to challenge and enrich the CHS operation.

Meet a Few of our Team Members

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Wacey Clarke

Colorado Hemp Solutions (CHS) was a natural step in Wacey’s life-long desire to help people near and far. Born into a farming and ranching family, who also owns and runs a successful contracting business. Wacey has always felt a calling to make lasting impressions on the lives of his friends and strangers alike. His education at Trinity University (San Antonio, TX) has helped him grow into an effective and successful leader. However, his hands-on experience on the family farm and ranch has proven to be most valuable to CHS. Wacey’s core competencies in agricultural business are unparalleled in the hemp industry currently. He brings experience in farm management, agronomic principles, farm equipment technology, equipment operator training/certification, agricultural data management, soil amendments, soil conditioners, irrigation, and also labor relations to the table. Pair that with the canna-based growing experience and success of his partners. You can see why CHS has emerged as a premier hemp production company in the marketplace.

Melody Corpening

Melody Corpening has been with Colorado Hemp Solutions/Moose Agricultural since the companies’ incorporation and currently serves as Executive Vice President. In this role, Melody first created the office infrastructure for payroll, wholesale program, accounting system, employee handbook/program, office computer system, and many other key office infrastructures. Her current responsibilities include continuing improvement of office infrastructure as the companies continue to grow, Human Resource Manager, Controller, contract management, wholesale program manager, to name only a few of the many. Not only does Melody bring organization to the farm, her forward-thinking and positive attitude infuses our work environment with excitement and joy!

Prior to joining Colorado Hemp Solutions/Moose Agricultural, Melody served as Office Manager for Clarke & Co., Inc. and continues to serve in the capacity as Controller for Clarke & Co., Inc. Melody came to the Clarke entities with over 24 years of professional business experience from USAA (1989 – 2013). She held various positions over the years with USAA that include: Clerical, Claims, Clerk, Executive Secretary, Project Scheduler, and finally as a Business Analyst overseeing multi-million dollar information technology projects which included financial reporting, planning and budgeting, systems of internal controls, project management processes and controls.

Melody holds a BS of Applied Science in Accounting.

Tanner Willis

Tanner is the General Manager and minority partner of CHS. He has over 15 years of growing experience in the cannabis industry. Ranging from small scale operations to massive commercial warehouses. He is a skilled grower in all medias; from hydroponics of all types (ebb-n-flow flood tables, DWC), rock wool, soil and also aeroponics. For two years, Tanner was also head breeder of a Colorado seed company before joining forces with Wacey to form CHS. His personal experience with the benefits of CBD and other cannabinoids inspire Tanner to be the champion of the hemp industry that he is today.

Marshall Allen

As Head Grower, Marshall oversees the entire growing process at CHS. Born in Grand Junction, and raised in Kansas City, Marshall returned to Colorado to work in the oil fields in 2007. Like so many others, Marshall left the oil field as a result of the economic bust and started blazing his own trail. He is passionate about all aspects of the hemp plant and also all of the amazing opportunities it brings to us all. He brings to CHS his fine-tuned cloning process, which allows us the ability to hone in on the best genetics and plants so we can bring you the very best products. Throughout the years, Marshall has also worked as a caregiver to many patients who rely on the healing power of the hemp plant for their wellbeing. Marshall’s innovation and two green thumbs continue to bless our cloning facility, greenhouses, and farms.