CHS Is Still Here!

It has been a season of moving targets, but CHS is still here doing what we love! 2024 got off with a bang, but we have faced our fair share of difficulties. From what we gather, our small but mighty business is not alone. It can be disheartening to see other bigger machines unfairly bypass the hurdles we have faced by merchant processors, social media and industry regulators. Some days even we do not know how we have made it this long in our ever changing landscape. When it comes down to it, we wholeheartedly believe it is because of you and your enthusiasm for our products and farm family.

After jumping through some unforeseen hoops, we are now able to get back to our regular programming… in the coming months we will be sharing glimpses into what we are up to, so keep an eye out for more regular email and blog posts. Part of what makes CHS so great is the backside of our operation. We love sharing with you!

Have you been to our site lately? Take a look around; our products are here for you and yours! Have a blessed Easter.

Best in health,

The CHS Team