Don’t Be Duped By Amazon

SHOULD I buy CBD from Amazon?

This is a question we’re asked time and time again. Since 2017, with the introduction of our house line of products, we’ve maintained the same answer: NO! While I wish our answer would have changed by now, today we have the same conviction when we say,  “NO!”

Currently, Amazon prohibits the sale of CBD products. Sure, there are an assortment of hemp oil products of all types, but these are typically not CBD products. Hemp oil, or cold-pressed hemp seed oil, is not the same as CBD oil. In fact, hemp seed oil does not contain any of the minor cannabinoids that you will find in a high quality CBD oil. Amazon and it’s suppliers continue to benefit from eager customers looking for cheap CBD products, when what they’re really getting is a “CBD dupe.” Sellers use misleading language to sell hemp seed oil to customers looking for the health benefits of CBD. And guess who wins; it’s not the customer! Don’t be duped by Amazon sellers.

CAN I buy CBD from Amazon?

This question is tricky. Amazon would have you believe that you cannot get CBD from their marketplace. As I mentioned above, it is against their current policies. Although, it has been reported that some sellers actually do ship CBD products though their listings use language that allows them to fly under Amazon’s radar. This is concerning. I don’t know about you but I’d hesitate to put my trust in a company willing to skirt the rules, especially when it involves my health.

Our team continues to watch Amazon’s actions and how they deal with hemp and CBD in general. The day Amazon updates its CBD policy to allow for honest sale is the day we apply to sell Colorado Hemp Solutions products through their marketplace. But until then, Amazon is not the place to find your CBD.

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably received it through our newsletter. Thank you for looking to us to share honest information about our industry. We see ourselves as champions of hemp and our industry as a whole, and while progress may be slow it’s still progress. Onward and upward!