Drop It like It’s Hot!

Drop It Like It’s Hot!

Ever since the beginning it has been difficult for us to tell customers what their total was at the end of their shopping experience. Cannabinoid products in the past, and even today, are expensive when compared to many over the counter supplements and medicine. The reasons were easy for us to see as we learned how to grow quality hemp derivatives, extract, formulate and manufacture products, etc. But even then, we talked about how the only way CBD becomes mainstream is if it can be used and purchased regularly by working class families from coast to coast, and even worldwide.

Call us crazy but we are tired of waiting. We are proud to announce that CHS is taking a leading position by lowering the prices on every product we make, across the board. (And you heard it here first… new and innovative products are in the works!) This is not going to be a coupon code, limited-time special, or seasonal event.  We will still have those of course, so make sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay in the know!

The new prices are here to stay, and you can enjoy our manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) online and through shopping with our most-appreciated retail partners. We are excited to continue to work for you and this plant we love so much!