Moose Agricultural, LLC Presents Colorado Hemp Solutions

Exciting Phyto-nutrient Extraction and Distillation Ongoing!!!

Colorado Hemp Solutions utilizes a dynamic team of botanical extraction professionals to bring Phyto-Cannabinoids to the consumer.

Our CO2 extraction partner is Western Colorado Hemp Extractors, Judith and Brian Olesen who have a jumbo, state of the art Vitalis Super Critical machine. With this machine they have the ability to make sub critical runs which isolates and preserves all of the terpenoids that are otherwise destroyed in the extraction phase. Couple this machine and process with the proper genetic and we have the ability to produce massive amounts of terpenes to the marketplace with next year’s harvest!!! Western Colorado Hemp Extractors is also ramping up all of their post extraction distillation processes, so be on the lookout for some CO2 derived distillate and isolate available soon.

Our ethanol based partner is Dustin Jensen who runs Speedy Extraction. This groundbreaking team employs a multitude of spirit based extraction including 2 of the largest Sprayvap machines in existence and an array of roto-vaps, short paths, chillers, filters, etc. Their post extraction processes are second to none including their expertise in Flash Chromotography, a purification and distillation process that we can use to remove all of the THC from our distillates – while leaving all of the surviving phytonutrients in the finished product. This technology also allows us to play with isolation of all the cannabinoids that are currently underutilized or impossible to isolate; namely CBC. With our genetics we have pheno-hunted and began development on strains with CBC content of 3-5% in the flower, so if we can get this isolated next season through Chromotography we will be able to bring a new tool to medicine in large enough quantities to truly make a difference.

As you can see we have the partnerships and relationships to make any kind of hemp derived phytonutrient rich distillate, crude, or isolate that you may need for your products. We are here to champion the hemp plant, let us be your source for the phytonutrients in your end products!

Thanks For Everything!

-Wacey Clarke