Growth and Accomplishments


Growth describes many stages of many things. Whether it be the growth of a new project at work or the growth of a new friendship, we tend to take some of these things for granted quite often. If you are lucky enough to witness any moment of growth as it unfolds, revel in it. It is not often we find the time to really reflect on such things as they evolve. Our team at Colorado Hemp Solutions (CHS) has been fortunate enough to witness a growth in the making on many levels.

Angel Williams has been with our industrial hemp team for almost 2 years. That’s half the amount of time we’ve even been in business! Angel has spent countless hours helping our grow team understand the plants’ every wants and needs, in every stage of the plants’ lives. From seed to harvest, she has strived to help create a better and more efficient CHS. Angel’s ultimate goal is to work for or establish (we are sure she could do it) a company like Syngenta. As a leading agribusiness company, Syngenta is best known for their development of “Golden Rice.” Angel says she, “is happy right here at CHS for the moment.” We are happy to have her on our team!

Most importantly, we want to give a BIG congratulations to Angel in her accomplishment of getting her Masters degree in Plant Breeding, from Iowa State University. She has spent the last 3 years completing multiple plant studies and tests on sex and genetics in the cannabis industry, specifically industrial hemp.

Keep growing Angel!

-Team CHS