Hello Summer

Hello Summer, we’re glad you’re here!

Western Colorado had a particularly chilly and wet spring, so summer’s arrival was much anticipated and the valley has heated up quickly! Our offices have been busier than ever thanks to an unexpected and exciting social media connection. We had all but lost hope of recovering our Instagram account after being shut out for almost a year. (Hemp and CBD companies STILL have a hard time out there in the wild west of the interweb.) Here’s how it went…

Melody arrived at her office on what she thought would be a typical Monday morning. She was following her usual morning routine when she opened our system to find an unusually high volume of orders. Not just more than normal, but A LOT more than normal! After much celebration and confusion, we were able to see it was due to Knuckle Bump Farms’ Instagram stories and accounts of how Moose’s Magic helped a newborn puppy overcome seizures. We were surprised, excited, and honored… and sold out quickly! We have been scrambling to have more inventory made, and thankfully our Moose’s Magic manufacturer is right here in Grand Junction and our own CBD oil is in supply. When we say it’s straight from the farm, we mean it! Chase, who many of you have had the pleasure of meeting, pulled our oil from our reserves and quickly delivered it to our manufacturer. Whew, what a whirlwind and what a blessing these past few weeks have been! Our offices have been reinvigorated, and to our surprise, our Instagram account has most recently been restored. If you don’t already follow us there and on Facebook, please do. Be sure to follow our new friends at Knuckle Bump Farms too, and if you’re here because of them WELCOME!

We have some even more exciting news to share… while Phyto 1500 and 2500 Coconut have become our best-selling CBD oil varieties, there are many of you who prefer the Avocado variety. You asked and we listened; Phyto 1500 Avocado is back and here to stay! With that said, if there is something you want us to know please email us. You, our loyal customers, help steer this ship. We love to hear from you!

Finally, thank you for your enthusiasm around our products and our company. We are still here today, since beginning this venture in 2017, doing the work that we love because of your testimonials and referrals of family and friends. Thank you for trusting us with your health and wellness!

Best in health,

Team CHS