Hemp Valley Colorado

Hemp Valley Colorado

It’s no secret that farmers and entrepreneurs in all corners of the valley and in between have brought industrial hemp to the forefront of the agricultural landscape. Since Colorado’s industrial hemp pilot program made growing the crop legal in 2014, we’ve seen it popping up in fields and greenhouses at an ever-increasing rate. Mesa County and its’ farmers, and especially Colorado Hemp Solutions, were early to the “green rush.” Those early lessons learned, along with sweat, blood, and tears fill a grab bag of stories worth sharing to the curious public.

Our friend, Ryan McKeever of Plotline, has gathered a group of eager hemp farmers to help bring our stories to light through Hemp Valley Colorado. Our valley continues to lead the country as some of the earliest hemp pioneers are looked to by other states just now scratching the surface of their hemp programs. This documentary shines light into corners of our industry that are rarely seen from the outside looking in. We have welcomed his lens into the most intimate parts of our business, minds, and hearts. We hope CHS’ involvement offers an authentic perspective of a large and thriving hemp operation that’s been built from the ground up. You hear us say this a lot, “CHS is from the ground up.” You’ll now get to hear and see exactly what that means and why it’s important to us, as a company and as a family.

A variety of other local farms and hemp supporters will also be featured. The documentary examines all angles of the industry, and the lens is always ready to pivot and follow an unexpected trajectory. That’s business after all, isn’t it?

We hope you follow along with us! We don’t even know what twists and turns are to come; this is storytelling at its finest in documentary form. No canned, reality television here. While we’re busy being hemp farmers, Ryan and his team are coordinating how and where you’ll be able to view Hemp Valley Colorado. I don’t have those answers for you yet, so in the meantime please subscribe to the documentary’s YouTube channel so you can keep up to date with us. Our history is still being written, and we are excited to take you along for the ride!

Alex Clarke
Colorado Hemp Solutions