New! Balance 50mg Softgels

If you’re anything like me, you spend every minute of every day working to keep everything balanced. I’m not saying I’m ever truly successful, but balance is something I constantly strive for in my life. Hence the name of our customer-favorite Balance CBD+ Softgels. When we first introduced our softgels to the CHS family of products the name Balance was the perfect fit… they took the edge off just enough in my constant quest for balance. Whatever tips the scales for you, whether it be everyday aches and pains, stress and anxiety, restlessness, or even chronic and severe cases of the like, our softgels might be what you need to get back in (or at least a little closer to) alignment and balance.

The feedback we’ve heard from our customers makes us confident that we’re on the right track with our softgels, and after many calls for a more concentrated dose of our award-winning full-spectrum CBD we are excited to share our newest product offering with you.

Balance CBD+ 50mg Softgels

Balance CBD+ Softgels are now available in 50mg softgels! So many of you shared that you take two 25mg softgels at a time and would prefer the convenience of taking one at a time. Well, your wish is our command, and the inventory is already ready to go! If you haven’t tried any of our ingestible products yet, or perhaps you’ve only used our Phyto line of products, I encourage you to try our softgels. I particularly like them because they’re premeasured for convenience, and I can quickly take one along with my other supplements. If 50mg is too hefty of a dose, do not worry the 25mg option is here to stay.

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Best in health and warmest wishes for a bright and happy summer,
Alex Clarke and the CHS Team