New Year, Renewed Excitement 

With a renewed excitement heading into 2020, the start of this new decade is something we hope we are able to remember clearly in another few years. Not too long ago we were brand new hemp farmers, true hemp pioneers embarking on what has now been called by the media “The Green Rush.” There was no playbook, no clear path laid in front of us towards our goals, but what we did have was an undeniable desire to work our hardest towards something greater than ourselves. In 2014 when the groundwork for the industrial hemp industry in Colorado was laid out, we recognized an opportunity to hone in on our professional strengths in a way that excited us more than ever before. The industrial hemp revolution, as some refer to it, called our names and encouraged us to take risks we never expected to take so quickly and so confidently. Like true pioneers, our endeavors humbled us more than was comfortable. From the inception of our business until today it feels like we’ve lived a million lives. We, along with our steadfast team members, have endured more challenges than we can count. It’s difficult to even clearly recall those early challenges, and during our team meetings we sometimes just sit in awe of how much progress we’ve made in a relatively short amount of time. Just think–ten years ago farming and processing industrial hemp and its derivatives were not even legal in the United States. Since legalization, with Colorado leading the way, the industry has been continuously evolving and challenging us in unexpected ways. The work of Colorado hemp farmers is never easy, but always rewarding. Our associates, customers, and champions are what keep us pushing forward as we continue to blaze more trails into 2020.

Historically, a word that has come up often in our line of work and at our team meetings is ‘pivot.’ A big reason why Colorado Hemp Solutions has been able to find early success in this volatile marketplace is because of our ability to pivot with greater ease than most. In farmer terms, we are masters at “MacGyver engineering.” For instance, when a farm implement used for another crop didn’t quite fit our needs, our team’s innovations have saved us time and resources and allowed us to press on per nature’s schedule. When regulations have shifted as our industry’s shape became more clearly outlined (and still continues to do so into 2020), we’ve leaned into our core competencies and resources to ultimately keep us pressing forward towards our short and long term goals. The constant pivoting left and right have certainly worn us thin at times, but those are the times that have shaped and strengthened CHS, from the ground up.

As we are already busier than ever preparing for the upcoming growing season, we have more confidence than ever before in our direction. We have so many exciting things on the horizon as Colorado Hemp Farmers, and we can’t wait to share more about what we’re up to in the near future. Currently, our greenhouses are being filled with mother plants that are the beginning of 2020’s crop. Many of our labels are undergoing a refresh in anticipation of tighter regulations, and we are looking closely at every input and output in our system to keep it running most efficiently. We have listened to our customers’ feedback, and we recognize that you are interested in seeing first hand just what a working hemp farm looks like day-to-day. We often joke about how we are cutting edge hemp farmers, but not the most effective users of social media. Like we always say, we are constantly raising the bar on ourselves and that includes how we connect with our customers. Education is such an important piece of what we do, and we are actively exploring ways to better connect with you. Our products are being shipped all over the country, and your feedback is an invaluable piece of our operation.

Thank you for trusting CHS as your Colorado hemp farmers and using us for your hemp and CBD needs. May 2020 be the year we can all easily recall as one of the best, from the ground up.