No Fluff, Only Our Best

No Fluff, Only Our Best

Would you believe bath bombs were originally never in the plans for our product line? It’s even hard for us to believe, especially now that we have them in our shop and they’re already becoming a fan favorite! Getting to this point has been quite the evolution; it’s funny to think back to how this whole “no fluff” thing started…

When our earliest products were in development, we were experimenting with bath bombs and a variety of other lotions and potions. As other CBD companies were faster to market, we knew exactly what made us special: single origin hemp derivatives, and the understanding that we’re growing what has become medicine to A LOT of people. Too many companies exploit consumers’ excitement over CBD by adding it in insignificant amounts to “fluffy” products. Our team has always adopted a “no fluff” approach to our products. Bath bombs were always floating around in our heads, but we didn’t want to produce anything we weren’t fully confident in and proud of just because we knew we could sell it to wanting customers. It’s a strategy that has always set us above and apart from countless CBD brands.

Well here we are, now with bath bombs… “NO FLUFF” bath bombs! We have partnered with a local artisan who handcrafts the most luxurious bath bombs that pack a real punch. With a generous amount of CBD (150mg) in each item, your next soak will help melt away the stresses the the day. No fluff here, just real ingredients with real effectiveness. We’re confident you’ll enjoy adding both the Unwind and Relieve CBD+ Bath Bombs to your self-care routine.

The timing couldn’t be better; as the weather turns cold a hot bath sounds just right! In the spirit of the season we’re also excited to announce the addition of our Gift Boxes. Perfect to gift to someone special, or even yourself, take advantage of our value-priced boxes so you can try the best of CHS. They come prepackaged in a farm box: ready to ship directly to the recipient, or straight to your own door. We love spreading health and wellness; we can’t think of a better gift!

In this season and always, thank you for supporting our small business. When you support CHS you’re supporting our family farm, the other family farms we partner with, and dozens of local families with a deep appreciation for the importance of agriculture in our community. We are blessed to be your farmer, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Best in health,

Wacey and Alexandra Clarke