Spring 20/20

Our 2020 planting season has been complete for a few weeks now, and it was our intention to publish this blog at that time. But as planting wrapped up, the team immediately went to work in the next phase of our operation. Before we caught our breath from one task, we were already onto the next. We don’t just work until the sun goes down, we work until the job gets done. There’s still much to do around our farms, but now we get to let our MVP shine and do her part. Mother Nature is the teammate we lean into when the days are long and hot. Just when we wonder if we’re playing for the same team, she surprises us by calming this spring’s angry winds when we need it most. Even giving us a long-overdue cool down with some rain (as I’m writing this now, in fact).

Over the past 4 years, we’ve worked hard to refine our systems. We still consistently raise the bar on ourselves, always looking for ways to be more efficient. Colorado Hemp Solutions was fortunate in the 2019 season, thanks to the invaluable experience we brought to the table and our solid relationships with our customers. Other farms and extractors in Colorado and throughout the US were not so lucky. Put simply, there was far too much industrial hemp grown for the current demand. None of us were completely insulated from the effects of the oversupply. But thanks to our foresight, we came into this 2020 planting season with 20/20 vision on how we can continue to do what we know we do best and laser focus on our short and long term goals.

Despite the current challenges we all face due to the global pandemic, we’ve been blessed to maintain our team and keep CHS and the Grand Valley on the map as the premier location for industrial hemp and its derivatives. That’s not to say we haven’t faced hardship or hurdles. After all, you don’t get anything that you don’t work hard for. In those tough moments, Wacey likes to remind us, “We don’t see a cliff; we see a mountain to climb.” With his leadership and our team mentality, 2020 sure looks good already!

Alex Clarke