Such A Relief


It’s such a relief – RELIEVE is finally here! We are so excited to announce the newest addition to our product line. RELIEVE Muscle + Joint Rub is our newest topical, and we are certain you will love it. We heard your calls for a topical serum or cream that delivers the same relief you’ve grown to count on from our topical salves, like Mercy and Mend. Just like our salves, RELIEVE packs a punch with a hearty dose of CBD and the other minor cannabinoids. But, there are three distinguishing characteristics:

1. RELIEVE is made with broad spectrum oil, meaning the THC has been fully remediated while keeping the other minor cannabinoids in tact. What does that even mean? Put simply, whatever your feelings around THC are, you still get the great benefits of a full spectrum product without having to worry about the presence of THC.

2.¬†RELIEVE absorbs quickly into the skin making it the perfect topical to use immediately after or during physical activity that tends to lead to muscle and joint pain. While our salves have a very thick and rich consistency, RELIEVE goes on more like a serum and leaves no surface residue behind, making it the perfect topical for those who find other topicals too greasy or slippery. (Fun fact: Wacey first came up with the idea for RELIEVE when he was on the golf course. He wanted something he could use on the course that wouldn’t affect his grip. Too bad he can’t come up with something to take some shots off of his game, ha!)

3. When we first started making our salves we opted away from any heating or cooling ingredients that only work temporarily. We wanted to let the CBD shine and stand up on its own; we grow and make medicine after all! RELIEVE is formulated in a way that allows us to deliver all of the benefits of CBD while still offering a cooling sensation that we know you will enjoy. It took us months and months to get the formulation just right. Cooling, but not so cold that you can’t wait for it to wear off like some other products on the market. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

As with all of our products, RELIEVE is made with only the safest and best ingredients to bring you maximum benefit. When we say “from the ground up” we mean it quite literally. ALL of the hemp derivatives in our products come from our own plants, tended to by our own hands on our own farm. We are so proud of this, especially as inferior, low quality products flood the marketplace. We are able to ensure safe and effective products because we know where they come from. So from our farm family, thank you for supporting our small business and family farm. It is our privilege to continue to be your hemp and CBD provider!