Thank you to all our team from 2019!

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Holy Hemp Harvest! Our farmers have worked tirelessly (ok, maybe they’re a little tired by now) to ensure CHS’ 2019 Harvest is successful. We had big plans for this year, and heading into the grow season we knew we would only be successful if the entire team came together and raised the bar on ourselves. In 2018, CHS farmed around 120 acres. This year, we’ve farmed over 500 acres. That amount of growth in only a year’s time is something we’re very proud of. It was only made possible by our ability to team up and work with our area’s best farmers. This is something that has been part of our CHS mission from the very beginning; we are passionate about upholding our community’s deep roots in agriculture. The industrial hemp industry is still taking shape, and we hope our efforts help give future generations of farmers an opportunity to do what they love while finding prosperity.

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This year’s harvest has yielded us an absolute mess of hemp, and is by far our highest yielding hemp harvest in volume and quality. Bag upon bag, there’s almost too much for one person to count. Thank goodness for our teammates who have kept impeccable records along the way. Every field, every bag, every batch is rigorously tested before it’s delivered to its final destination to ensure it is compliant according to the Colorado Department of Agriculture and any specific contracts we have in place.

Where does it all go? Naturally, our entire product line is made using our most premium genetics. We partner with local extractors and use a variety of extraction methods to bring both CHS crude (or first-extract) oil and CBD distillate back to our facilities. No second-party hemp products ever enter our system, so we can ensure your CHS products are safe from contaminants and are of the highest quality. Our products are “no fluff,” safe, and effective.

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You might be surprised to learn how far-reaching our hemp has become. Not only does our raw material make it into our own product line, but also into the hands of other forward-thinking companies who help provide premium industrial hemp-derived cannabinoids to the marketplace. We farm and provide raw material to Kazmira and Layn, USA, which they extract and distribute to other amazing companies. These are big companies doing big things, and we’re proud to partner with them!

In addition to farming raw material for purchase, we have many companies that have chosen CHS as their preferred cannabinoid provider. Speedy Grow, Perfectly Posh, Kingpin Labs, SupraNaturals, and Trace Mineral Research look to us to provide them with quality ingredients. These companies all share the same objective with us: sourcing the most premium hemp-derived cannabinoids that are safe and effective for the customer. This is at the forefront of our operation, beginning with our seed propagation and cloning programs and carried all of the way through our systems until an end product reaches you.

Even closer to home, and practically down the road, we supply ingredients to several local businesses. Look for Jackman’s Honey at many of the same retail partners that carry our CHS products. Did you know CBD honey is an effective and delicious way to enjoy your daily dose of CBD? Prefer a pre-measured softgel? Locally owned and operated Softgel Co. manufactures our Balance Softgels and also purchases our cannabinoids for use in other softgel manufacturing projects. Let’s not forget our furry friends; there are so many local pets being helped by our efforts and CannOmega (coming soon).

You hear us talk alot about being locally-minded, and we really are sincere about this. We applaud all of the local innovation on both the farming and product side of our local industrial hemp industry. Our company is continuously challenging ourselves to find efficient, effective, and responsible ways to spur our industry on and into the future. We believe that by including our community as part of our compass, we will continue to find and partner with like-minded companies with an even further reach. Ultimately, our goal is to help more and more people and animals through our efforts. We are well on our way, and the future looks bright!


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