The Season Is Changing and So Are We!

Hello! We are excited to share some news with you…

We have updated many of our products with new labels and product packaging; take a look and see! The best news—we have lowered prices across the board!

When we first began selling our products we anticipated the cost of production would shift along with our family farm’s short and long term goals. We strongly believe in passing our savings onto our customers, and it is important to us that we are transparent and ethical in everything that we do. CHS has grown exponentially over the past few years, and has ultimately become more efficient across all standards of measurement. We have secured more favorable pricing on many of our production inputs, and most importantly have seen the fruits of our labor pay off in terms of our harvest. Specifically, our farming efforts have produced an even more robust cannabinoid profile within the most recent batch of full spectrum CBD distillate used to make our products. In other words, the percentage of CBD (and other major cannabinoids) within our most recent extraction batches has increased, requiring less distillate for each batch and driving price down. There’s no funny business here, no pricing gimmicks, just the desire to provide our customers with the highest quality products at fair prices. We hope you are as excited as we are!

The salve containers have all been upgraded to reusable metal tins, and we’ve made a product adjustment to best serve our customers’ needs. Soothe is still offered in 1oz and 4oz containers, but the price has shifted along with the formulation. Soothe now contains the same CBD content as Mend, but it boasts a lovely lavender scent. Mend and Mercy have remained popular due to their CBD concentration, while Soothe was often forgotten or reported as not being strong enough to effectively alleviate pain and discomfort for most customers. Now the amount of lavender oil has increased along with the CBD content, so this is a great option for someone wanting an effective topical that smells more pleasant than medicinal.

Originally, Mercy has been offered in a 2oz container. Now it is available in a 1oz and 4oz version. This change should appeal to those wanting to try Mercy, but who might not be ready to commit to the cost of a larger container. The price absolutely reflects the strength of the formulation, but the 4oz size will be appreciated by those already using the product and who want to take advantage of the price break for the larger container.

These small changes are possible because we make everything in small batches. This allows us to react quickly to our most recent harvests and extractions, and to shifts in the industrial hemp industry as a whole. Our industry is still shaping and evolving, and we strive to remain in front of the curve and to do what’s best by our customers. We take so much pride in our small batch, home grown products, especially because there are too many phony products that are only a click away. We hope you feel our pride in our farm and our mission to provide you with products deserving of your trust. Thank you for trusting in us, and helping us serve more and more people and animals by sharing how CHS products have helped you and yours!

Best in health,

Alex Clarke