Trust But Verify

Mercy 4oz topical salve from Colorado Hemp Solutions

Although we’re seen as veterans in the industrial hemp industry, we still consider ourselves a fairly young company. While our mission, vision, and the nuances that define our company culture have been clear for some time, we continue to learn and grow in unexpected ways. Sometimes the curveballs come screaming in from the left and right before we even see them coming.

When it gets tough on the farm I always pick up the phone to call my father, Mark. He doesn’t know the ins and outs of the hemp industry, but he does always effortlessly pull from his own professional experiences and give me sound business advice. I should start to keep a running list of all of his one-liners; they have come in handy more than I can count. Although, most of them I don’t need to write down. They have been adopted into our culture here at Colorado Hemp Solutions, and they continue to shape decisions in our offices as we work to carry out our vision.

One idea in particular comes up daily, and is as equally important to us as it should be to you. Trust but verify. It’s as simple as that. If you know Wacey you know he embodies all of the best characteristics of a cowboy and farmer. He’s salt of the earth, trusting and trustworthy, and oh so generous. Generous with his time, resources, and sometimes even when he probably shouldn’t be if you ask his wife-ha!

CHS Headquarters in Grand Junction, CO

With Wacey as our guide, our entire team has learned to “trust but verify,” but it has only been through learning those tough lessons early on. Our industry has its fair share of unsavory folks looking to make a quick buck. To families like ours, it’s the ultimate insult to be grouped in with them when an uninformed person casts judgement on us or our company because of the bad actions of others claiming to be the real deal. Early on we were lied to and stolen from; curveballs we couldn’t have anticipated. Thank goodness for those lessons which prepared us for where we are today.

Today, we trust but verify in everything we do. As a CBD and hemp consumer you should too. Trust but verify the products you consider. While we all wait for better regulation over consumer CBD products, trust but verify that you are getting what you spend your hard-earned money on. Growing quality hemp derivatives is not cheap, and neither should be your products. Wherever your CBD products are from, we encourage you to trust but verify all of the important details.

Here are some critical things to consider when selecting quality products:

Under 0.3% THC – In order for a product to be legally sold as a CBD (or other minor cannabinoid product) it must contain less than 0.3% THC and this info must be notated on the product label. Anything testing over this amount is considered a marijuana product. Every product should reference a third-party analysis showing the cannabinoid breakdown (typically through at QR code or website).

1000mg CBD Content – Does your product state the total CBD amount within the container? Every batch should be third party verified, and that test should be referenced on the label and easily found (typically through a QR code, or website). If a product is labeled as 1000mg Hemp (or hemp oil, hemp derivative, etc.) that DOES NOT mean it is a CBD product. Hemp oil is a neat Omega 3 supplement but IT IS NOT CBD oil, and brands that try to take advantage of customers’ misunderstanding are everywhere.  Most of this is because Amazon will not carry CBD but still wants to make some money off the craze, so a cannabinoid form of hemp is fine.

CHS Headquarters in Grand Junction, CO

Product origin – Where is the product manufactured? Where is the hemp grown? Brands like ours take pride in the origin of their hemp and will tell you where it came from. We are proud to grow our own hemp at our Colorado farms. This allows us to ensure our customers that no second-party hemp products ever enter our system, so you can trust that our products will bring you repeatable quality and effectiveness bottle to bottle and batch to batch. Alternatively, many brands source hemp derivatives from a variety of unverifiable suppliers. They cannot guarantee quality and effectiveness, and they sacrifice that in order to dupe buyers into buying cheap and unsafe products.

While we wish we could control and get rid of all of the bad apples in the bunch, we choose to keep laser focused on our own work at hand. Thank you for recognizing our dedication to quality; we often hear from our customers how thankful they are to have a transparent and trustworthy CBD source.