We spend all year looking forward to the Mesa County Fair and Junior Livestock Auction! Sure the kids enjoy the rides and fair food, but the highlight for us continues to be the livestock shows and 4-H projects. Kids and families from all over the valley gather to show off the culmination of all of their hard work and dedication to their projects. Livestock, shooting sports, leatherwork, cakes and pies, OH MY! There’s something for everyone, and there’s something so special about seeing so many young people work tirelessly towards something greater than themselves. 

Through their market animal projects the kids learn so much more than just about taking care of an animal. They are required to track expenses, market their animals, and appeal to buyers of their “product.” Historically, our family has been long time supporters of the kids and their projects. It has been our privilege to support their efforts by purchasing animals in the Junior Livestock Sale. It is our way of saying,

“Thank you for continuing the rich traditions of agriculture in our community!”
“Thank you for being shining examples of hardworking young boys and girls who understand the value of work ethic. We need more young people like you in the world!”

“Thank you for showing those not involved in agriculture what we are all about. You speak for all of us when you’re out in the community talking about your projects and we thank you for representing us with integrity and pride!”

We can say without a doubt that the future of American Agriculture is bright! Our faith has been renewed for another year, and Colorado Hemp Solutions is proud to help support the hard working kids who help continue the traditions in agriculture that define us as an organization.