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We first started formulating our full spectrum phyto-cannabinoid products for human consumption and quickly learned our beloved German Wirehaired Pointer, named Moose, benefited greatly. It was a natural decision to start treating Moose; he is a cherished member of our family after all!

Colorado Hemp Solutions wants to help you in your journey. Our locally grown and processed full spectrum phyto-rich cannabinoid hemp is ready to help your animal achieve this homeostasis, or balance, naturally without side effects.

Our pets are a huge piece of our hearts and lives. Their well being from using CBD is becoming well documented, and currently Colorado State University has two ongoing canine and CBD studies.

Many working dog families are begining to trust in our product for their beloved companion. We hope you will join them in experiencing the wonders our product does for them.


On June 18, I scheduled a death date of June 24th for my 14 1/2 year old standard poodle, Duffy.

I had been hand feeding and watering him for about a week. He was disoriented, confused, restless yet all he wanted to do was go to sleep. He was ready, but I wasn’t. The hospice doctor recommended I try CBD oil in the interim.

I started Duf on the Moose’s Magic, I believe, that day. I also started taking him to get chiropractic treatments. I cannot say if it was the combo or the CBD alone, but I now have a true testimony of this product, as my dog is thriving. He runs, eats and drinks on his own, is alert and wants to participate in life again. There’s even a smile back on his face!

Thank you Dr. Norton, for the suggestion, and to Colorado Hemp Solutions for their knowledge and providing the oil.


VaLynn Blackburn

Hans is a 13 year young German Shorthaired that is feeling the impact of his 13 years. Hans must use a brace for his knee but the Mooses' Magic CBD Oil Supplement we supplied Hans with is allowing him to act more "puppyish" and takes away some of his Inflammation and Anxiety due to the injury.