Love is a Four-Legged Word

It’s no secret, we love all the animals at CHS! As ranchers, there isn’t a four-legged creature that we don’t have a soft spot for… well, maybe there’s a few pests that we’d rather avoid, but you understand. Our farm and offices are home to cattle dogs, bird dogs, and what we jokingly refer to as “rather dogs.” Without them work might feel like work, but with them our workspace is filled with joy and endless entertainment.

If you’ve been a friend of CHS for some time you’ve likely heard or read about how Moose’s Magic came to fruition. We never tire of sharing about Moose and how his health issues inspired our Moose’s Magic products. His legacy lives on, and it brings us so much joy to know his favorite products continue to help put the magic back into your pet. Dogs, cats, horses, even pigs and others we’ve been told, are able to achieve homeostasis and overall wellness with Moose’s Magic.

If you are a fan of Moose’s Magic, please help us spread the word by sharing this with your loved ones. As a small business we rely heavily on your testimonials and word of mouth. Your referrals are the greatest compliments, so thank you for sharing how Moose’s Magic has helped your pet. We are looking forward to the upcoming market season so we can hear firsthand. Now let’s all cross our fingers that Spring comes sooner than later!


The CHS Team