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All our products are carefully curated using our farm's most premium oils and the finest all-natural ingredients, free of preservatives, artificial flavors, and unnecessary fluff. We are passionate about helping people and animals, and we are proud to be your hemp and CBD provider.

Moose’s Magic

Moose’s Magic is a broad spectrum phyto-nutrient rich CBD product formulated specifically for pets. Our unique formulation is proven to be very effective at supporting animal health and wellness, and…


Moose’s Magic Complete

We are excited to have updated the look and formulation of Moose’s Magic Complete!! Moose’s Magic Complete is now made with nature’s finest fish oil and broad spectrum phyto-nutrient rich…


Born out of the perfect combination of core competencies in agriculture and an innate desire to help people and animals. Our industrial hemp is grown specifically for cannabinoid extraction and use in our amazing quality products.