CBD Gift Boxes

Value Priced Assortments



Our Starter Box is the perfect fit for anyone new to CBD oil, or those who prefer smaller amounts of CBD per dose. This value priced assortment combines our core products into a convenient box so you can try a little bit of everything. The items within the Starter Box are tried and true full spectrum products, and have long been CHS customers’ favorites:
1 – Balance CBD+ Softgels (15mg CBD, 30 count)
1 – 1oz Mend CBD+ Salve (250mg CBD)
1 – Phyto 500 Coconut Oil (500mg CBD, 1oz)
1 – Hempstick (22.8mg CBD, 0.15oz)


Our Farm Favorites Box combines our best sellers and is the perfect combination of our most concentrated products-both ingestible and topical. Each item within this conveniently packed box is higher strength than those within our Starter Box, so this is the perfect assortment for someone who already knows their preferred individual dose. We believe in taking the lowest effective dose, but some folks simply require higher doses than the average customer. Our Farm Favorites include:
1 – Balance CBD+ Softgels (25mg CBD, 30 count)
1 – 1oz Mercy CBD+ Salve (1000mg CBD)
1 – Phyto 1500 Coconut Oil (1500mg CBD, 1oz)
1 – Hempstick (22.8mg CBD, 0.15oz)


Our His and Hers Box is the perfect gift for you and anyone you want to share the gift of self-care with. Do not let the name fool you though; we know many customers choose to keep this assortment all to themselves. If you have not tried our new bath bombs or our salves yet, this is a convenient and value-priced way to try a lot at once. Our bath bombs are unrivaled and have been specifically handcrafted to deliver a generous dose of CBD+ to your bath time ritual. Our salves, while wonderful on their own, are particularly healing when applied post bath or shower.
1 – Unwind Bath Bomb (150mg CBD)
1 – Relieve Bath Bomb (150mg CBD)
1 – 1oz Mend CBD+ Salve (250mg CBD)
1 – 1oz Soothe CBD+ Salve (250mg CBD)
2 – Hempsticks (22.8mg CBD, 0.15oz)

As with any new additions to your self-care routine, consistency is key once you find your preferred dose.

All CHS products are third-party verified through stringent testing so we can confidently guarantee consumer safety and are guaranteed to contain under 0.3% THC and are legal in all 50 states.

Please see our full FDA disclosure, terms and conditions, and privacy policy.

Additional Info

CHS is a uniquely vertically integrated company; you never have to worry about any secondhand hemp products entering the CHS system. Ultimate accountability for ultimately superior products.

*Product contains less than or equal to .3% THC*