Moose’s Magic

Canine CBD Hemp Oil Supplement


Moose’s Magic is a broad spectrum phyto-nutrient rich CBD product formulated specifically for pets. Our unique formulation is proven to be very effective at supporting animal health and wellness, and homeostasis. Now made with broad spectrum CBD oil, any and all THC has been fully remediated (removed) so your pet can experience the Moose’s Magic effect without the THC.

Moose’s Magic is intended to be applied directly into the side of the mouth to allow for maximum absorption through the gums and mouth tissue but can also be applied to food at mealtime.

As with humans, dosing for animals is individual. We recommend you administer the same amount twice daily, then adjust in small increments as needed. Your animal’s bodyweight plays a key factor into how much CBD they should be getting. Please refer to the “Suggested Dosing” tab for our recommendations.

Moose’s Magic is third-party verified through stringent testing so we can confidently guarantee consumer safety.

This product Contains no THC.

13.3mg CBD / full dropper of Moose’s Magic
400mg CBD | 1 fl oz
800mg CBD | 2 fl oz
1600mg CBD | 4 fl oz
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Additional Info

Some important factors were considered when switching from full spectrum to broad spectrum:

  • THC in a hemp-derived product
    • As the hemp and cannabis industry matures it is evident that THC is not proven to be a necessary ingredient.
    • It was previously believed that a full spectrum (<0.3% THC) product was necessary to achieve optimal results. Now, with our current remediation process, we can maintain the other beneficial minor cannabinoids while removing the THC fully.
    • THC toxicity in animals is always a risk, so by totally removing the THC we can fully mitigate that risk.
  • Label regulations
    • CHS has always followed label regulations to the fullest degree, and as regulations around THC tighten, we are able to continue to offer the highest quality products whereas others are not (assuming they label their products appropriately).
  • New remediation process
    • We have secured a partnership with an extractor that uses a unique chromatography process that converts THC into other molecules without disturbing the other cannabinoids.
    • It is a no-brainer to switch from full spectrum to broad spectrum (no THC) because we can keep all our minor cannabinoids and terpenes intact.
    • These oils are some of the richest in minor cannabinoids that you will find in the world.

Thank you for your support as we continue to grow our small business!

Suggested Dosing

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Certificates of Analysis

*Product contains less than or equal to .3% THC*