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Company provides a quality ensured product. Mercy Salve has helped my father immensely with his Peripheral Neuropathy in his feet. He claims (I don’t feel it so I take his word for it) that it is the only thing that will take the Sting and tingle out completely and allow him up to ~6 hours of relief. before he was unable to get the proper amount of sleep due to the pain and tingles that come with Neuropathy.

Highly suggest any of their products. My dog also takes the Moose’s Magic for her TPLO knee. wonderful stuff.


Moose’s Magic has been a great natural solution for our 16 year old cat. Her hips were bothering her and now with Moose’s Magic she jumps better and has more energy. Love it!


The opportunity that exists within the company is amazing. Being able to observe from both the farm aspect and consumer aspect is astounding to see the growth and knowledge this company puts into our community year round.


“The combined properties of the CBD, CBG, CBD, CBDV, and low level THC have really made a difference in moms quality of life…”

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